1. I don’t miss my mom’s anger and paranoia.

    I don’t miss my dad’s pride and entitlement

    I don’t miss my gram’s close mindedness. 


  2. I miss my mom.

    I miss my dad. 

    I miss my gram.

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    Television Academy’s 66th Emmy Awards Performance Nominee Reception (Aug. 23)

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  5. I never get why parents dnt understand this. They want to control, not guide.


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    Frida Kahlo in her garden at Coyoacán, 1952
    Photograph : Berenice Kolko

    My LOVE

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  7. Why can’t parents just let teenagers be and just give support from the sidelines. Phases are healthy, teenagers have a lot of stuff to deal with, just give them some space. Is that so hard? 

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    girltalk  BANANARAMA  Banana Telephone

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    This is the greatest tweet in the history of tweets

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    Human: “HAHAHA Animals are so dumb!”

    *goes to war with its own species, uses up all of its resources, destroys its own environment, pollutes its own air and water*

    Animal: *licks its own asshole*

    human: *licks someone else’s asshole and calls it sex*

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  11. risarei:

    finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


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  12. "Your vagina is supposed to smell like a vagina, not a mango. If your partner complains about the natural smell or taste of your vagina, they can go fuck a mango."
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    the saddest part of The Fault In Our Stars was definitely when Augustus fell into the chocolate river and got sucked up into the tube thing

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