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    Alex Prager - 4:01 pm Sun Valley, and Eye #3 2012

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  3. OMG I forgot all about these!

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  4. asparagus-and-artichokes:

    by Norwegian conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen

    I reblog this every time I see it!

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  5. Cheese-less pizza isn’t so bad

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  9. Kyle Maclachlan by John Midgley

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    via A Gentle Man: Interview With Richard Ayoade | The Velvet Onion

    The real Richard Ayoade is something of a surprise. Prettier, younger and slimmer than he looks on TV, the initial impression is more hipster than geek. He’s also quite possibly the best-dressed person I’ve ever been in the same room as; a peeping sliver of lemon sock perfectly matches the colour of a butterfly’s wings in the pattern on his shirt.

    His answers to questions are similarly considered. Polite, softly-spoken and humble, the word that probably best describes Richard Ayoade is “careful”. Not the bad sort of careful that implies control freakery, but the decent sort that means “full of care”. The sort of careful that matches socks to butterfly wings.

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  12. Salvador Dali, Summer.

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    Wilma Rudolph was once asked by a reporter if she wanted equality with the White man. She replied; “No, because I don’t want to stoop that low.”

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    Cecil Ehn’s spring wizards’ collection features roses and ruffles, using traditionally feminine elements to emphasize the sensuality of men and magic.

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